Oral Health and Smoking
We are very well informed today regarding the risks of smoking and its affect on the various organs of your body. Similarly smoking affects the health of your throat, mouth, tongue, gums and teeth.
The following list outlines common side effects of smoking regarding your oral health but by no means is limited to the only risks of smoking.
• Gum disease including gingivitis and periodontal disease.
• Bad breath and stained teeth.
• White patches in your mouth, or leukoplakia. (this can be a pre-cancerous condition)
• Damage to the soft tissue of your mouth and throat which can also lead to oral cancer.
• Smoker’s palate, a discolouration of the roof of the mouth caused by narrowing of the blood vessels.
• Smoker’s melanosis. A dark discolouration of cheeks and gums.
• Hairy tongue – exactly as it sounds. The tongue becomes blackened trapping bacteria under a thickened hair like substance. This can cause a burning sensation on the tongue as well as heightened bad breath. (Halitosis)
• Oral cancer
• Loss of teeth