Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic Treatment


Orthodontic treatment involves the use of a range of corrective devices, such as braces & plates to encourage the teeth to align properly.

Dr Yang & Dr Kim are both currently completing post graduate studies in orthodontics.

Generally, the orthodontic path begins with comprehensive X-rays and scans which enable the dentist to see the complete picture of what is happening in the jaw, this can be prior to the teeth even reaching the surface.

The aim of orthodontic treatment provided by Dr Yang & Dr Kim can be outlined below:

  1. Non-extraction based. (Avoiding the need for extracting teeth).
  2. To allow the jaw and facial structures to develop to its maximum potential.
  3. To create an ideal facial profile and smile.
  4. Treatment can start as early as possible.
  5. Includes different phases of treatment to bring the most ideal outcome:Phase I (a): 0-6 years – Myofunctional treatment (Muscles, soft tissues).
    Phase I (b): 7-12 years – Orthopaedic treatment (Development of jaw/bone).
    Phase III: 12 years plus – Orthodontic treatment (Aligning the teeth).

Orthodontic treatment can however begin at any age.

If you are interested in discussing orthodontics for you or a member of your family, please contact our office for a consultation to discuss your options.

NOTE: We are a general practice with further experience and training in Orthodontics.  Should you wish to see a specialist for a second opinion, we are happy to organise a referral.